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My POW/MIA Table Of Contents
twinkling star  POW/MIA Definitions and Terms to Know
Some definitions and terms that will be helpful to know when reading the biographies of the POW/MIAs.
twinkling star  Faces Of Some Michigan Heroes  New
A collection of photos and information of some of our Michigan heroes who served in the Vietnam War and are KIAs, POWs, and/or MIAs.
twinkling star  Remembering Our Michigan Heroes  Working on it!
A text listing of some of Michigan's Vietnam POW/MIAs with links to biography web pages for most of them.
twinkling star  Michigan's Missing Heroes List
A table containing the names and some information from the DPMO's SEA list about Michigan's POW/MIAs still unaccounted for.
(Note:  I will try to keep this as up-to-date as possible.)
twinkling star  Michigan's Returned Heroes List
A table containing the names and some information from the DPMO's SEA list about Michigan's POW/MIAs who have been identified and accounted for.
(Note:  Again I will try to keep this as up-to-date as possible.)
twinkling star  Michigan's Military Personnel Who Died in the Vietnam War
Tables listings of the 2,654 military personnel from Michigan who died in the Vietnam War to give you the numbers and the names of those lost in alphabetical order by county name. Click here for a clickable county map of Michigan. Based on information from Michigan's Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA).
twinkling star  The POW/MIA Mystery
Copies of some articles I found at the P.O.W. Network's site that definitely makes for some very interesting reading to know more about how the remains of MIAs are identified and how mistakes have been made in their identification.
twinkling star  POW Escapees and Returnees
A list of American POWs in Southeast Asia who escaped captivity and those returned. This list includes post-Homecoming, China, and civilian returnees.
twinkling star  POW-MIA Flag Display Information  New
I have gotten a few e-mails asking me about the POW-MIA flag, I thought I would include the information here within my site.
twinkling star  Ceremonies and Toasts for POW-MIAs  New
I have also gotten some e-mail concerning the ceremonies so I am again including the information within my site:
Missing Man Table and Honors Ceremony
POW-MIA Presentation/Toast
Fallen Comrades Table
I hope this information will be of help to those searching for it.
twinkling star  Other POW/MIA Links and Miscellaneous Information.
My list of places to other sites for more information or if you are looking for graphics or a POW/MIA bracelet.

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Some POW/MIA & Military Poetry

twinkling star  A POW's Prayer - by Jean Ray and L. Vancil.
twinkling star  A Soldier - by Author Unknown.
twinkling star  Come For Me - by LeAnn Thieman.
twinkling star  God and Soldier - by Author Unknown.
twinkling star  Just A Common Soldier (A Soldier Died Today) - by A. Lawrence Vaincourt.
twinkling star  A Little Short Of Heroes - by Donna Ikeda.  New
twinkling star  A Shadow On The Wall  New  dedicated to Dennis Hammond and ...for all those who cannot...by C. Mike "Tiny" Readinger.
twinkling star  The Soldier's Night Before Christmas - by Major Bruce W. Lovely.
twinkling star  The Wall - by Del "Abe" Jones.  New

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