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Simulated pencil rubbing above courtesy of The VietNam Veterans' Memorial Wall.
(NOTE:  Animation of pencil rubbing done by Cheryl and not by The VietNam Veterans' Memorial Wall.)

POW/MIA Bracelet for Louis Buckley Jr.

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empty boots BUCKLEY, LOUIS JR.
SFC - Army - Regular
1st Cav Division (AMBL)
34 year old Married, Negro, Male
Born May 20, 1943
His tour of duty began on May 21, 1966
Casualty was on January 25, 1978
Hostile, died while missing

Body was not recovered

Panel 07E - - Line 94

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Source:  The VietNam Veterans' Memorial Wall Page.
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Sergeant stripes The Army Rank of E5 means that Louis was a Sergeant at the time of loss. Sergeant stripes
Department of Defense - Defense Intelligence Agency


What Category 2 means in the biographical and loss information:
    Category 2, Suspect knowledge:
  1. Involved in the same incidents as individuals in Category 1.
  2. Lost in areas or under conditions that they may reasonably be expected to be known by the enemy.
  3. Connected with an incident that was discussed but not identified by name in the enemy news media, or
  4. Probably identified through analysis of all-source intelligence.
Source:  Defense Intelligence Agency's data -- January 20, 1982
Department of Defense - Defense Intelligence Agency

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